Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Amy and Alley go to the zoo!

Last Sat Amy and I went to the zoo to see all the new zoo babies! I think you will enjoy them more than the ones of my kleenx piles which has pretty much been my day. I did have a massage today (they come to the apt so I didn't have to go anywhere) and it was amazing but I think it may have actually increased the amount of snot coming out of my face.

So without any further mention of snot, here are pictures of adorable animals:
Mr. Panda being as adorable as ever enjoying a bamboo feast.
Baby polar bear playing with a bucket! The level of cute was overwhelming.
Another one of the baby polar bear because who could resist those eyes.

Sea horses are pretty cool too but there were no babies.
Baby gorilla! She was pretty sleepy.
Harvey, a pigmy hippo, was playing with the white ball trying to match the level of adorableness of the babies.
Mr. Rhino was happy just to drink some water.
Mrs Orangutan was sad that everyone was hanging out with the polar bear.

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Amy Watson said...

So much cuteness in one spot!