Monday, 24 February 2014

No more excuses to skip physio.

I went back to physio today! It was really hard to motivate myself to get out of bed this morning but seeing as I missed all last week and am feeling more energetic, I didn't really have a valid excuse not to go. Also, physio is a requirement for being on the lung transplant list so I do have to go regularly otherwise they can say that I'm refusing treatment and kick me off the list (no better motivator than "it is the only way the hospital will give you new lungs" to get me out of bed in the morning). It's just soooo boring. The routine never changes and never gets any more exciting.

So I drug myself out of bed this morning and took myself to physio. I tried taking the oxygen tank in my push cart today instead of my backpack as the snowbanks have mostly disappeared. It worked ok except that it was annoying having to lift up and down the stairs on the street car and over all the curbs. And then my arm got tired of dragging it around so my conclusion is that there is no easy way to carry around a oxygen tank.

Once I got to the physio room, it was super hot in there. I really hope this is just a winter thing and they have air conditioning that they crank in the summer. I mean, I always complain about it being too hot for exercising but I get very little sympathy from the people who don't have to move in the heat (*ahem Isaiah*). However, even he found it hot in the room today so he didn't complain when I demanded (I mean, 'asked nicely') for him to move the fans every time I switched equipment. They really need more fans! It is unbearable without any moving air, some people don't turn the fans on or even shut them off and I don't understand it at all.

The physiotherapist seemed fine with me missing last week. It's better for everyone if people stay home when they are sick because everyone post-transplant has to be even extra careful about cold germs. Today she just wanted to make sure everything was okay and to remind me to take things slower if I need too. I also missed my walk test last week so I'll get to do that on Wed. Too bad I don't get to skip it entirely! I'm kind of dreading it seeing as I got so frustrated after my last one and I can't imagine Wed is going any better.

After physio, I finally got myself a new hospital card (here in Toronto, you get a medical card for the specific hospital) as mine did a disappearing act sometime last month. I still have my NS health card and I always keep the two of them together so I'm super confused about how it went missing. I kept putting off replacing it as I was expecting it to randomly show up in a coat pocket but I had to get my 'quarterly (I really wanted to say tri-monthly but I'm being told that isn't a word) antibody testing' blood work done this week and I needed a hospital card to register. It literally took 2 minutes to get the new card so it really made no sense that I put it off for so long and I'm sure the original card will now show up at the bottom of my backpack tomorrow.

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