Friday, 20 September 2013

One week!

One week until we move. Gahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of people keep asking me how I am feeling about the move and honestly, at this point, I am just ready to have it done. Now that it is just one week away and the packing has seriously begun, I know I will feel better once I am actually in Toronto and everything is settled down. I think I have completed everything I need to logistically from my end. I have called the oxygen people about getting it set up in Toronto, I have 3 months worth of medication stockpiled (apparently pharmacies in Toronto don't have meds?? I'm still not sure why I had to do that), and I have all the paperwork ready to get reimbursed for my travel expenses.

Now I just have to get everything that is going to storage (basically everything) packed up for my parents arrival tomorrow. Good thing I spent the last two days marathon watching Orange is the New Black so I won't have any distractions today.

Seven days left! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Christmas presents! I refuse to move something that I would have to mail home later.
Wrapping presents is a great way to procrastinate from packing.


Carol Stevens said...

Hi Alley,
Love and prayers from Red Deer, Alberta. I have really enjoyed reading through your blogs in recent weeks. You have an amazing gift of writing -- I love your honesty and sense of humour as you journey along. So glad to hear your parents are arriving today (Saturday). We will continue to be thinking of you all as you move to Toronto. with love, Carol Stevens

Alley said...

Thanks for the message! I really enjoy hearing from people who are reading along. It is nice to know that people are actually reading :).