Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I posted about a month ago about how I was going to be doing these awesome courses from Coursera. Yeahhh...about that....I don't know why I thought I would have the time or motivation to do a course right now while I am trying to move. The course is finished and I am still on week 3.

The social psychology course ended up having way more content than I was prepared to watch. The instructor was super interesting to watch but after 40 minutes, I was ready to move onto something else. I think my problem was also that I started 2 weeks late due to my vacationing so I felt like I was never able to catch up.

The good thing about Coursera is that it is all free (that may also be the downside as I feel no financial obligation to finish the course). The course content did look intriguing so hopefully I will be in a more stable situation next time it is offered.

In the mean time, I have started to do a '8 week yoga challenge' with my sister.  It involves doing short (20ish minutes) yoga videos during the week. I think it is a good enough reason to go shopping for yoga clothes once I get to Toronto :)


~G said...

I had to leave that one too... just too much time involved... I'm going to leave coursera for the next time I literally have some free time..! :)

Amy Watson said...

Lululemon shopping for all!!