Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Come visit for a meal of random food!

Isaiah and I are trying to eat everything in the freezer and cupboards so we don't have to get rid of or move as much food. Anyone have any great recipe ideas?

Here is our list of food minus all the standard baking supplies:

Freezer food: Hamburger, hamburger buns (that one is obvious), rhubarb, chowder mix, hot peppers, tomatoes, pizza dough, tofu, clams, turnip, pork bacon (it is incredibly fatty and essentially just fat), baked beans, tomatoes, broccoli

Cupboard food: Potatoes, kidney beans, lentils, pasta sauce, all kinds of pasta (we will be eating a lot of pasta for the next two weeks), pancake mix, peaches and cream corn, sweetened condensed milk, chick peas

Anyone is welcome for a supper of pasta and tomatoes!  (However, we no longer have a table so we will all have to squat on the couch)

Tomatoes need to ripen. They will be turned into tomato sauce for all our pasta.


Anonymous said...

Looking like a great crop of tomatoes!

Alley said...

Yes, we got a good batch in the end even though all the plants started out pretty slow this summer.