Monday, 16 September 2013

Lessons from a Python

Sorry about the delay in posting! I've been (and still am) hanging out in Halifax. I feel like I have spent the entire weekend on one long 'coffee date' at various restaurants eating delicious food. It has been a pretty good weekend except for the fact that after every meal, I have to say 'bye' to another one of my friends. But then I get a text from them 5 minutes later and I don't feel as sad.

Sunday night Isaiah and I went to a comedy show (John Cleese to be exact), it was fantastic but the most exciting part for me was that I was actually able to go. I bought the tickets back in February and at the time, I had no idea if I would still be in the area in September. I was in the hospital at the time and there was a huge push to get all transplant stuff arranged. I figured that I would for sure be in Toronto by September but bought the tickets anyway as I didn't want to miss the opportunity on the off chance I would still be in the Maritimes. I am very glad that I did because even with their being four shows in Halifax this weekend, they were all sold out quite quickly.

So the big lesson from last night (besides the fact that John Cleese is still quite funny) was that it pays to still plan for the future even though it might be uncertain. I need to keep going and keep on living as I have no idea when the transplant is actually going to happen. It could be in a month, it could be in a year, it could be in 2 years. I can't plan for it so I think the best thing to do is to keep booking shows and making plans because otherwise I would completely lost my mind sitting around waiting for the call. Thank you Monty Python for the reminder.

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You go girl!