Thursday, 1 August 2013

Garden Update!

Happy August! My 'garden' is growing really well. I've hidden a few pics in some of the last few posts but I thought I would add put more all at once.

Hopefully this baby melon won't rot off like the other ones.
Beans will be ready soon! I thought I planted yellow beans but they are looking awfully green to me.
First hot peppers! Except they aren't hot. I think I picked them too early, I have no patience.
First ripe sunberries. They do not taste like blueberries. They are weird. 
Peanuts greens are growing well, hopefully just as well underneath.
More sunberries on the way. Not as excited having now tasted them.
Lets pretend I did something to make the flowers look better.
The 'garden'! The neighbours must think I'm nuts.

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Anonymous said...

Your neighbours will all know you are from the city by the look of your garden! I thought the sunberries did taste a bit like blueberries. D