Saturday, 3 August 2013

Still no news.

Yesterday I had one of my regular check-ups with the Halifax CF team. They have not heard anything from the transplant team in Toronto so I have no new information in that regard. So I continue to wait.
My doctor was incredibly furious that the person with long-term disability had told me that people use their benefits as a way to try to scam the system. She said she will be contacting them to tell them that I am not trying to scam the system. I appreciate that she is a strong patient advocate but I don't think it will make any difference when it comes to me getting my LTD. People stand very strongly behind any 'policy' and do not like to make exceptions even - or maybe especially - when doctors are yelling at them.

I also found out that I don't have to keep a residence in NS if I have to move to Toronto. This is excellent news as it means I won't have to pay for 2 apartments or pay for a mailbox in Springhill while living in Toronto.

The third part of the visit that was amusing/worrying was that about a month ago I noticed on my Vitamin D bottle that it said I was suppose to be taking four 1000iu pills. I had always been taking one and hadn't heard anything from any of the medical team about the switch so I ignored the label and kept taking one. I asked the dietician about the Vit D during my appointment and she had no idea who or why the change had been made. She went back to check my chart but couldn't find anything that was charted about an increase dosage. Its not a big deal but it just goes to show that you always have to be careful about medical errors. If it had been actual medication or if I didn't have a blatant suspicion and disregard for any medical change that has not been explained to me, it could have been something much more serious.

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