Monday, 26 August 2013

Damn you student loan!

So funny story.....

I called student loan to see the status of my severe permanent disability application and it turns out that they never received it. Despite the fact that I had sent it in to them in June and when I called to confirm the doctor had sent in their part, the guy (coincidentally, the same guy as today) said that it was in the 'processing' stage with no problems.
Ha. ha. ha.

If approved, the application will forgive my student loan so I don't have to keep reapplying for payment deferment while I am not working.  If you have a 'severe' enough disability from which you will never recover and it looks like they won't be making their money back from you, you can apply. It means that I will never be able to apply for another student loan again but that is not really one of my top priorities at this moment.

Thankfully, the doctor had sent me the a photocopy of the form so I don't have to get them to fill out yet another booklet of paperwork for me, but arggggg. Considering they told me it would take several months to process the application, it looks like I have a long wait ahead of me.

So the big question is, to whom did Canada Post deliver my application? Is someone out there reading all about my medical history? Not that I really care who knows about my condition, it is more of a curiosity thing. Also, why did the guy say they received my application when they apparently didn't? And why does student loan make it so easy for me to hate them?

Good times.

Hey, remember the time they lost all of our personal information?


Helen said...

Coincidently I hate student loans today too but we are at the other end of the process. I would have thought our situation was pretty straight forward and maybe it is but I am feeling very uninformed at the moment. In the end we decided that fighting was too hard and that we'll trust the flow of life cause that has worked so well previously....NOT but denial is good.

Alley said...

Yeah student loan doesn't like when they can't fit you into their little boxes. A good tactic is to call them a lot and ask 'why did you make that decision?' to the person instead of just yelling at them.

Cassey said...

Student loan is the worst people to deal with... horrid. They have no idea what they are talking about half the time.
After I got married I tried to change my last name with them for 10 years. 10 years! Every single year I sent them my marriage certificate and a bunch of other proof... and every year when they mailed out my tax info, it had my maiden name. It was ridiculous.