Sunday, 4 August 2013

Be back in two weeks!

My partner and I are off for a week to visit his family at their cabin and then a week with my family at a cottage in PEI. I won't have Internet at the cabin or cottage so I should let you know that I will most likely not be posting anything for the next 2 weeks unless the weather is bad and we end up spending a day at Tims using their Internet.

I was told in Toronto that I would hear from them in 3-4 weeks. Four weeks from early July would be next week and I imagine with summer vacations everything is probably running a little behind. If I hear anything from them, I will be sure to update everyone. Even if I get the call right now, on Friday the doctor in Halifax said that most people take a month or two to get everything organized before they move so I won't be moving anytime before late September. Hopefully by then Ontario will be a bit less hot and sticky.  

Well, I'm off lounge by a lake/beach and maybe do a little kayaking and cycling with oxygen in tow. 

See you in two weeks! 

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