Sunday, 18 August 2013

So much to do

I am back! We are home after two weeks traveling around spending time with friends and family so I hope to be back to regular updates.

The fact that I am moving to Toronto has actually sunk in since I got the call last week.  I've gone through a slew of emotions; scared, angry, sad, nervous, optimistic, frustrated, resentful, anxious, hopeful, determined, and more that I can't really define. All of which I am sure I will fluctuate through for the next several months (or year). Whoever came up with the '5 stages of grief/acceptance' where you move through emotion in a linear pathway should be fired. Instead it should be the '50 emotions of grief/acceptance' that is instead a web of mass chaos. Even though that probably wouldn't go over very well with the first year psych students in exams, I think it would be much more realistic. Or maybe that means I am still in the 'anger' stage. At this particular moment, I am just content that I finally heard something and that I can start planning the next few months of my life.

However, now that I am home, I am a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have to do before Oct. Moving is stressful and not much fun no matter the circumstances and this seems like a much more stressful move than my last one. We have to find an apartment that looks good, get someone from TO to look at it, try to arrange the lease, get boxes from somewhere, sort and pack our stuff into Toronto and 'Stay Here' piles,  move all our furniture and big stuff to our parents or friends, arrange mail forwarding, confirm funding with the NS health department, contact HR from work,... Ahhh!

*Deep breath*

Logically I know I have 6 weeks to do everything but I feel like I need to start packing and sorting stuff asap. My body is protesting and telling me I should relax for a few days and catch up on my sleep instead as I spent all last week kayaking, swimming, and cycling, and could use a few days relaxing. I do handle stress better when I am rested so I think right now I will try to shut off my mind and spend the evening watching Gordon Ramsey yell at random people. 

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~G said...

Yay! Wonderful news Alley! :) I look forward to having the two of you around here!
If you need help looking for a place or possibly even moving (Might be back in NB in late Sept for a wee bit) just let me/us know!
We'll be in touch.. :)