Monday, 1 August 2016

Off hiking!

Happy August!

Isaiah and I are off on a backwoods overnight camping trip in Economy. It's not the best timing as I'm on the aerosol masks which means I'll be skipping tonight and tomorrow morning's mask but I've been wanting to do this loop for months and I now feel physically fit to carry a heavy backpack. So, I'm going.

I had a portable aerosol machine with a battery that I used during David and I's cycling trip across Canada for when we camped in the woods but both the battery and machine have long since died. I've thought about buying a replacement but seeing as I'm on aerosol masks infrequently now, it doesn't seem worth it. Although it would be nice for trips like this so I wouldn't have to skip masks.

Maybe it would be worth it for camping too so I wouldn't have to sit in front of the bathroom with an extension cord doing my mask (like Amy and I did last week while camping in Amherst Shore). On those occasions, I also wish I had a battery operated machine but seeing as I have found a work around to non-powered camp sites, I've done nothing. I guess it hasn't annoyed me enough to the point where I'll buy one so that is basically my decision made.

Just chillin by the bathrooms...
Wish us luck on our hike! I hope I don't get carried away by the mosquitoes!

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