Sunday, 31 July 2016

Weight recovery!

I realized two weeks ago, when I was weighed at my lung function test, that my weight has hit my pre-cancer amount. Hurray! I lost so much last Nov-Dec but now it's recovered.

People with CF who have transplants often have to watch what they eat after the transplant as, after years of being told to eat a high fat, high calorie diet, if they stay on the typical CF diet, they end up gaining too much weight. Like the normal population would if they ate a high fat, high calorie diet. Post-transplant, the anti-rejection medication and steroids increase one's appetite so it's important to watch how much I eat. While all the weight gain is good for a population that is generally chronically underweight, it can be an adjustment after surgery.

Last year, I was just getting to a good weight when I got cancer and then immediately lost it all over the two months I was in the hospital. I'm now finally up to a good weight again and I don't know what will happen now. This is basically new territory for me. Will I shoot past my target weight and have to cut back? Should I just keep eating as I always have and maybe I'll maintain the same weight as now I'm exercising a lot more?

I have stopped drinking Boost every night and my palate is very happy about that. But maybe I'll soon have to cut back on the nightly chips as well.

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