Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Hiking Fundy Circuit

PET scan results tomorrow! We're driving to Halifax bright and early to find out if my scan was clear. I just want a conclusive scan! None of this, "you have something showing on your hip that makes no sense" nonsense. I didn't fall or pull anything before this scan so *fingers crossed* I should be okay. At least it should be conclusive one way or another.

To keep myself preoccupied to not think about the scan for the past week, I've been hiking. And today I've been recovering from hiking. Over Monday and Tuesday, Isaiah, Mom, Dad, and I (and Amy for the last afternoon), went around the Fundy Circuit. It's 48km and we hiked 46km of it. Cheating for 2km where we got a ride from Amy up the *very boring* Laverty Rd, which connects two trails.

The first day was mostly along the coast, starting at Headquesters until we turned inland, climbed down and up a terrible ravine, and back to the car at Bennett Lake. The second day was from Bennett Lake, around the lakes, and then down Upper Salmon River to Headquarters.

I'm so proud of myself. We did 28km the first day which, I think, is the longest I've ever hiked in one day. Who would've thought that was possible two years ago when I was hobbling with my oxygen cart to the bus stop? Not me.

To say that organ donation can improve a life is a bit understated.

All I could think about at the end yesterday, besides the pain in my feet, was how amazing it was that I made it. My feet were on fire and my legs were sore but it wasn't that sharp pain. It was that sore feeling that makes me know that I've pushed my body.

I hope I never forget how much of a privilege it is to get that feeling.

Having spent years where I would hyperventilate and throw up if I went to fast or too far with my lungs getting tired long before my legs, having my legs tire first is remarkable. I know it's almost been two years since my transplant but I still haven't gotten over the sense of wonder I get when I can push myself to new levels or have new experiences.

Everything still feels like I won the transplant lottery. 

After this week, the 16km of Gros Morne is going to be like a stroll in the park, right? Right.

Hiking Pics! It rained most of the afternoon of the first day so we didn't take very many pictures.
Starting off with loads of energy!
Mom trying to see a porpoise at Matthew's Head.
Classic NB.
Day 2! A bit less energy.
Around the lake!
Through the bog.
Into the woods.

Across the river.
Across another river.
And done!

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Dave Malo said...

Just plain fantastic. Good luck on your scan. Fingers crossed!