Thursday, 11 August 2016

PET Scan

I had my PET scan today. The one I had to cancel my trip to Newfoundland for. And I don't find out the results until next Thursday so no asking.

The scan went fine, there were no nursing students around this time to ask me a list of annoying questions or go through the scan step by step. Instead I had the same nurse as last scan who remembered me so she moved everything along quite quickly. She got the IV in the first try which was excellent. As there were no students around, she didn't use the giant lead roller screen for the radioactive sugar injection meaning that process went much faster this time too. Seeing as the syringe is in a lead case which is then place in a box, I guess she felt that was enough radiation protection.

After the injection, I read for 45 minutes and then spent 20 minutes snoozing in the scanner. It's really hard not to fall asleep in the scanner. The room is kind of chilly so after laying down, the nurse cocoons you in warm blankets, turns off the light, and gives a reminder to close the eyes so as not to stare into the laser. How could anyone stay awake under those conditions? I was a bit worried I would jerk awake halfway through and ruin the scan results but then I fell asleep. I don't think that happened though as after a doctor quickly reviewed everything, they sent me on my way.

Now home for the weekend, hopefully we can make it for a hike in Fundy if it doesn't rain too hard.

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Kacey said...

I am glad to hear that this appointment went much quicker than the last. I understand nursing students need to learn, but they can slow things down. The scanner nap does sound a bit appealing. Warm and wrapped up tight. How can you not fall asleep? Thanks for sharing this. Good luck to you with your results!