Saturday, 6 August 2016

No Newfoundland

After two weeks of waiting and harassing the booking people in Halifax, we've had to cancel our trip to Newfoundland next week. Well, rather Mom and Amy had to cancel everything as they had booked it all but still...argh!

A bit of the back story to this trip, when visited David and Cindy on PEI in June, I mentioned briefly that I really wanted to hike Gros Morne and had been thinking of going to Newfoundland this summer.

I've been to the Gros Morne park a few times but have never actually been able to hike up the mountain. When we went as a family 20 years ago, Mom and Dad thought David and I were too young to climb it so only Dad and Amy went. Then, when we were back after David and I's cycling trip, I was much too tired to hike anywhere and stayed at the campsite cooking supper. And when Amy and I visited a few years ago, my lungs were too crapped out to hike more than the shortest of trails. And even then, the humidity forced us off one of the trails. Three visits and not one hike up the mountain. For some reason it keeps eluding me.

So this year is my year! I will climb the mountain! The literal mountain, not a figurative one. Seeing as it's the only concrete thing I said pre-transplant that I would like to do post, it would be nice to be able to go. I mean, I have other goals like 'travel around' and 'do stuff' and 'maybe work at some point' but that's all much more vague than 'hike Gros Morne.'

Mom and Amy had ran with my brief mentioning about Newfoundland in June and booked everything. Unfortunately, it was before I got my PET scan dates. I got my dates two weeks ago and as it works out, my scan is in the middle of the time we had planned to go. I've been trying to switch the date to an earlier one but, no surprise, people tend not to cancel scans that determine if they have cancer. The last time I talked to the booking woman, she basically just laughed at me and said they only schedule 12 people a day so there isn't much room to switch things around.

I don't blame people for not cancelling, I also didn't want to cancel the scan, so Newfoundland will just have to wait for me (hopefully to happen at the end of the month), and instead I get a short trip to Halifax.

[Just an FYI, I don't get the scan results until my doctor's appointment on the 18th. It's going to be an anxious week and half of waiting.]

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