Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hiking the Kenomee Canyon Loop (Economy falls)

We survived our back-country hike around the loop! We made it 21km and now we're both very tired.

We didn't see any of the waterfalls though as it turns out that the campsites/waterfalls are around 1km from the trail, mostly uphill. We tried to find the first one but after hiking for awhile and not finding anything, we turned back. I was determined we would walk down to see the 'Economy Falls' as it's the waterfall near the entrance but by the time we got there, I didn't have any energy left to climb back up the giant hill and just wanted to get to the car.

The trail itself ranged from a wide four-wheeler trail to climbing over giant boulders to leaping over streams (by leaping, I mean, half-falling into the streams). It was better marked than I had anticipated after reading reviews online. There were a few points where the trail crossed four wheeler paths but because we knew to look for the markers, it was pretty easy to follow. The worst part of the trail was getting to the actual campsite by the lake as it was clearly less used than the main trail and we were both tired.

The campsite was nothing more than a slightly leveled patch of ground with a door-less outhouse nearby. But it was a nice slightly leveled patch of ground.

My only real concern was once we ran out of water from home and had to drink from the LifeStraw or the boiled lake water. The people on the intense facebook transplant group would not approve. I understand the risk and while some people only drink filtered or bottled water (not that bottled water is regularly tested), there wasn't any way to carry in enough water for a two day hike. We boiled the water according to all the guidelines I read, so if there were any parasites in the water, I'm pretty sure they died. I think I'm okay but I guess I'll find out in a few days.

All in all, it was a good hike and I think I'll be quite sore tomorrow.

Off we go!
Stopping for a water break.
Tenting time!
Cooking supper.
The lake!
The stone step part of the trail.
Almost done!
Yay made it!

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