Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Bronch results!

I got bronch results back today!


*drumroll please*'s negative for rejection! Hurray!!

However, the cultures either from the biopsy or bronch wash (the fluid they push into the lungs and suck back out) showed that I'm growing one of the major superbugs that are quite popular around hospitals. The transplant coordinator called on behalf of the doctor to ask how I was feeling and if I was having any symptoms of an infection. I told her no, that apart from a sore throat from the bronch, a lingering dry cough and a slightly congested nose, I've been feeling great (that probably read like sarcasm but I, honestly, have been feeling quite healthy).

I honestly thought that I had already been growing this bug as the doctors told me I was during all my chemo-fever hospitalizations. So I'm not sure if Toronto just didn't get the memo or if it's now growing in my lungs versus before when it was maybe just in my nose? I called the Halifax CF coordinator to clarify as the Toronto woman wasn't my usual transplant coordinator and didn't really know anything.

The Toronto coordinator went off to talk to the doctors and I never heard from her again today as to whether or not they recommend treatment. Seeing as I don't feel infected and my lung function is doing well, I doubt they'll want to treat it. It's one of those bugs that they can treat a few times but after that, they don't have very many medication options available. It's better to wait unti necessary to use the 'big' antibiotics. I've been on them all before as I've had all this stuff pre-transplant so if I had to guess, I think they'll want to wait and just keep an eye on it for now.

In other health news, I can go back to only getting bloodwork done once a month! Hurray! Last time I said that, it lasted one week so we'll see if I can maybe get two weeks off this time.

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