Saturday, 23 July 2016

Monthly pft update

I finally had my pfts on Friday (they were originally scheduled for Monday but someone had a "death in the family" so it was rescheduled).

And, I got my highest in about a year! I think August 2015 was my highest post-transplant but yesterday was a fev1 of 1.83, or 63%! Yay! My first attempt was 1.81 and then it took 4 more attempts to repeat it but I finally did (I actually got higher!) so it was accepted by the computer and the therapist!

Clearly all the exercise and the aerosol masks are working for me. My cough is pretty much gone which is also excellent.

The only weird part about it is that I'm getting low numbers at home. I had my microspirometer checked at the lab back in Nov and they said it ran a bit low but getting 1.2something at home and 1.8something at the lab seems to be a bit more than 'running low.' I suspect that part of it may be that I try harder in the lab than at home but it shouldn't be that much of a difference.

Oh well, as long as it's consistent at home and I can deliver at the lab, I'm not going to worry about it.

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