Sunday, 17 July 2016


I'm back from my little vacation! I spent the week kayaking, swimming, and playing washers. It was great but now I feel like I need a few days rest.
I'm back to get bloodwork done tomorrow. My one month without bloodwork lasted two weeks. Not too bad. I didn't really think I would be able to go one month without having my levels checked but it was a nice dream while it lasted. My immunosuppressant levels were a bit low last time so the doctor increased my medication dose. As a result, now I have to get my levels checked again to make sure they aren't now too high. It's always a balancing act.

Along with the medication level increase, I've been started on intense aerosol mask to help my lungs and try to get rid of the infection. I'm not really sure why they're treating it so intensely but I'm hoping it gets rid of the cough I've had for several weeks. 

I've been on the mask for one day and it makes me cough and is quite terrible. But I'm sure I'll get use to the smell and taste like I have for all of my other masks and then it won't feel as effective. But it would be nice to get rid of this cough so I'll be good and do my aerosol masks twice a day for the next month.

Whoever said aerosol masks were a gone forever post-transplant were quite delusional. It's nice not to be on them all the time but any time I get any sort of infection, the first thing the team wants to do is put me on some sort of aerosol mask. It makes sense as it's the best way to the meds directly into my lungs but I wish I had been warned more about how many times this would happen post-transplant. I don't mind it too much as it's something I did every day pre-transplant so it's more like going back to old habits. But still habits that I would rather not have and that take a lot of time out of my morning when I would rather be sleeping.

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