Monday, 4 July 2016

Hope everyone had a good Canada Day!

We spent the holiday in Pugwash at the Highland Games watching people in kilts play instruments and then men in kilts lift heavy things. It was fun. But then I crashed out afterward. I think the Toronto trip had caught up with me and then spending all day in the sun was too much.

After spending a day napping and another day reading, I feel like I've almost recovered. My throat just needs to heal and then I'll be back in prime condition. The doctor really destroyed it during the bronch.

Anyway, no more bronch talk except to say that I don't have any results yet. I'm hoping to find out if/what they found sometime this week and if I can stop getting bloodwork done every week. I would like to reduce the weekly stabbing. I called the Halifax CF coordinator today and was told that they don't know anything yet. I'll start the harassment of my transplant coordinator tomorrow.

Once I get the clear on the bronch I can relax more and perhaps start planning a few small trips within Canada. Nothing out of the country for a bit (because no one is going to give me travel insurance right now) but it would be nice to leave the Maritimes for a few days for some non-medical travel. Maybe see some other parts of this wonderful country.

Springhill fireworks!
Very Nova Scotian.
Men throwing things.

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