Monday, 5 December 2016

Bronch results

I got a call from my transplant coordinator this morning. Except the calls are rarely actual phone calls. I may have mentioned this before but the communication post-transplant with the team is done through a messaging system called Easy Call.

The coordinator (or admin if it's a general message or appointment reminder) leaves a message on the system which calls every hour until you retrieve the message. Then you leave a message in response, and they'll leave a message in response to that message. So rarely do I ever actually talking to someone. It's just a series of messages where sometimes information gets confused.

Anyway, I saw that I missed a call so nervously responded. It's rare for me to get messages from my coordinator anymore so any unsolicited message makes me edgy. The system takes about a few minutes to get through with all the recorded "if you have a easy call number, press the pound sign" "If you are Allison Watson, enter your password." It goes on and on.

The entire time my heart was pounding and I was thinking "no rejection, no rejection, no rejection."  There were two messages for me. The first one being a general message about hospital cards that I had to sit through while anxiously waiting for the real one from my coordinator.

Then finally the real message rejection showed in my bronch!! Woohoo!!

However, the bronchial wash (where they pump saline into the lungs and then suck it back up to culture it in a lab and see what's growing ) showed the pseudomonas that came with my lungs is flaring up again so the doctors want to treat it. I'm not sure why as I'm feeling great but they've been doing this a lot longer than me so I'll shut up and take the antibiotics. I don't think the bacteria is ever going to completely go away but I guess it doesn't hurt to try and suppress these flare-ups before they get out of control.

But who cares about that, there's no rejection!!

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