Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree! We actually got it yesterday after returning from a weekend in Halifax before it started to storm. A bit different from the fake bamboo tree we had in our Toronto apartment. And much less work for Isaiah when he got the tree by himself last year when I was in the hospital.

This morning I made some star garland for the tree working on the 'make stuff from old books' theme that I seem to have this Christmas. Well, last night I painted the pages in red and yellows and this morning I cut out the little stars and taped them onto thread.

We put on our one Christmas album (Bonnie M Christmas) and decorated the tree. I think the garland turned out quite well and matches our ornaments as much as that's even possible.

My mess last night.
Close up of the garland once done.
The tree in all its glory!

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Anonymous said...

Love the star garland!