Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Book pitch

Yesterday I mailed out a pitch for my transplant story to a publisher! Eek!!

It was so stressful to write the cover letter and summary of the book. Thankfully Google was pretty helpful in advice on what to put on the pitch cover letter as I had no idea what I was doing. It's probably one of those things that they go over in writing seminars and other classes that I should be attending.

I feel like a real writer sending out manuscripts for people to read. Now to wait for six months to hear anything back.

I have it all written and am going through edits for what feels like the millionth time. And then I have to start cutting it down to be more in the word length of what publishers want.

If I don't hear anything from a few publishing places, I will self-publish it like Wanderlust. I just wanted to go this route first and see what happens. Fingers crossed!

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