Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tie Infinity Scarf

Now that Amy's birthday has passed, I can share one of the projects I was working on. An infinity scarf! I took some soft, silk ties that I got a frenchys, took them apart, sewed them together, and voila!

How to make an infinity tie scarf according to me:
  1. Take apart ties. 
  2. Iron out flat. 
  3. Sew together four (or how many you want) together, alternating the big ends. 
  4. Sew together the sides so you have a long tube.
  5. Cut so the ends are even.  
  6. While inside out, pull End A through the inside of the tube until it's lined with End B. 
  7. Sew End A and End B together (while it's still inside out), leave about a two inch hole at the end. 
  8. Turn rightside. 
  9. Hand sew it closed. 
  10. Wear with pride.

Figuring out how to sew it into a tube and still be able to turn it inside out afterward took a bit. The trick is to pull the fabric through halfway when sewing the ends together. Leave a small hole and hand sew it closed. It was a fun project. If anyone has extra ties, I'll gladly make them a fun scarf!

Ties prescarf.
The problem I ran into getting it turned inside out.
Don't do this while sewing the ends together. It should be like the tube shown above so it turns rightside out properly
Yay, I figure out the problem! And the fun elephant tie looks great.

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Amy Watson said...

I wore it around Seattle today!