Wednesday, 1 June 2016


I'm recovered from the weekend! I had my routine bloodwork done on Monday (no news from it so assuming all is okay), spent the beautiful day yesterday at the beach, and spent the cold day today mostly reading inside. We've caught one mouse since being home and it's wonderful to no longer be cleaning up mouse poop all the time. I'm not quite ready to move our bags of flour back into the cupboards yet but I think our days of cohabiting with Mikey Mouse are gone as he's off in mousey-green-bin heaven.

My one complaint is that my right hip is still killing me. It's mostly when I wake up in the morning or sit around for too long. I've been stretching and using my foam roller which helps a bit but isn't making the pain completely go away. I'm not actually sure where this pain came from. It started about a week ago and then I went on the little hike last Thursday thinking I could "walk it out" which made it worse. My best guess is that it's a reaction from the fall several weeks ago and my body has overcompensated from the pain that was on my left side by making my right side hurt. Either that or it's hip cancer (ha..ha...sigh...).

My recovery time seems to take so long for any sort of injury since the chemo. Bruises and bumps that would normally take a few days to heal take at least a week. It doesn't help that I now bruise super easily thanks to both my transplant meds and the effects from the chemo. It's been a bit over 4 weeks since my last dose but I'm sure the meds are still in my system.

At least my ribs are feeling much better. My home pfts are slowly increasing and it no longer hurts as much to breathe deeply. This means I can start doing some cardio again without being in pain. I've started lifting a few weights at night which feels good. I'm anxious to get on my bike for the summer but only once my hip heals up. I'm trying to be patient and not overdo it because knowing me, I'll somehow end up making things worse and needing more time to recover.

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