Thursday, 23 June 2016


Isaiah and I have a bit of a garden up and running this summer! We have two plots at the community center and then a few planters at the house. I've learned from the crazy transplant facebook group that some centers say no gardening at all while others, like Toronto, say it's okay as long as you mask. The dirt can be a source of bacteria and whatnot so I've been wearing a mask while planting and weeding.  So far, it hasn't been a problem. There aren't very many weeds in raised beds or planters.

All our cucumbers (except the one at home) died in the last week of rain so we had to replant them this week along with our peas and beans that never grew. Hopefully this next week of sun and heat will bring them along quickly. My lettuce at home as exploded over the past few days. Salads for everyone!
Spinach coming along nicely.
Lettuce! After I picked some for today's lunch.
More spinach! We've been picking from here for a few weeks.
Our other plants at the house. This is me trying to keep things small at home this year. It didn't work so well.
Our plots at the community center!

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