Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I wasn't quite as sore from my bike ride as I thought I might be. Hurray for that!

But basically I've spent the last three days in a blah mood. I'm sure the cold, rainy weather isn't helping but I'm also coughing a little bit which is starting to worry me. At first I thought it was just my lungs protesting from Saturday's bike ride but now it's dragging on (although improving) so I probably need to call someone to let them know. It's one of those irritating coughs where it feels like someone is tickling my lungs with a feather or that someone is wearing heavy perfume or I've walked near a Lush store. But seeing as we haven't changed any detergents and Isaiah hasn't started wearing heavy cologne, I don't think that is the problem.

I'm also waiting anxiously for Thursday. My appointment is a 2pm and then I'll find out what the PET scan showed and what the next step is from here. Do I still have cancer? Do I need more chemo? Radiation? Whatever it is they do next? Or am I all clear? Tellll me!!!

And then once I know, I can book our flight to Toronto for my assessment appointment at the end of the month. It's kind of leaving it late to book but I didn't want to end up cancelling everything in case I end up not being able to go.

Come on, Thursday. Let's get this over with.


LittleM said...

oh boy.. thanks for the update. I'm thinking of you all the time especially right now. I hope you can find something to distract yourself tomorrow. And I hope the cough subsides.. thats really an unfair addition to what you're already in right now. I also really am hoping for positive stuff for my own selfish reason of wanting to see your face from any distance in person. I'm in such a different phase of this than you, but I'm here if you ever want. Youve been an amazing friend to me.

Anonymous said...

Allison....just so you know my thoughts and prayers are with you tomorrow...love
Kaye Birnie(little m's mom)