Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Post-chemo, round #6.

Yesterday's chemotherapy, round #6, went as smoothly as possible. I took a lot of food with me so I wouldn't get hungry as well as books and knitting and colouring to entertain me which I ended up not touching as I simply napped most of the afternoon.

As usual, I met with the doctor when I first arrived for the 'make sure you're okay to get medication today' assessment. There was a bit of debate over whether or not my chemo dosage should be increased as my weight as increase by more than 10% since starting chemo. Everyone was trying to figure out if it was really weight gain or just water weight. I think it's a bit of both. I lost a lot of weight in Oct/Nov while they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me and then when I was in the hospital. I'm just gaining it back to my normal baseline. Add in high levels of prednisone (steroid) and insulin which 'helps me' retain water and, bam, I'm suddenly 15lb heavier than I was in Dec. In the end, the doctor decided to not change my dose as I "have a  hard enough time with the current dose."

The results of the CT scan showed  "good results" with some "lesions on the lungs that are normal with chemotherapy." I'm not sure if that means it's scar tissue on the lungs from the lymphoma or if there is still some lymphoma spots on the lungs. I also don't know whether "good results" means that the cancer is shrinking or just not growing. I didn't question him as much as I should've. Either way, good results are good results. My spinal fluid sample was also negative. Excellent all around.

I asked if there was anything that could be done to prevent my getting a fever next week and was told that no, no there is not. I will once again return to Halifax on Monday to get blood work done so they can monitor me closer and await a fever. They have no other ideas for what to do with me. 

I didn't have a reaction to any of the medication this time around and didn't panic during the intrathecal injection. No nurse tried to hold my hand or elbows or anything which really helped. The nurse stayed on the other side of the bed and assisted the doctor as is her job. I listened to my music and didn't move while the needle was in my back as is my job. This time they did the intrathecal injection in between the other chemotherapy medication which meant that I did my 'hour of laying down' while I was getting the rest of the medication. All the other times it's been at the end when everything had gone through which meant more time waiting around. This time was way better and we were actually out of there by 430pm. A long day but not as long as it could've been.

We drove home ASAP and I've been lounging around ever since to avoid headaches (so far a success) while Isaiah brings me food and water. He's good to have around sometimes.

The med for my spine. Urg. Too bad it didn't 'go missing' while we were waiting for the doctor to show up.

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Dave said...

Good results is good results - just go with it. Get the details later.