Sunday, 13 March 2016


I've been feeling pretty good this week. The IV antibiotics are done and while I think they made me a bit more tired than usual, I haven't had any more side-effects. I've been able to push through the sleepiness and have been able to get some exercise.

It's amazing how motivated I am to exercise on the days when I'm feeling okay. As long as I'm not in any pain or feeling too congested, I'm ready to go. It's like because I know that I won't be able to go next week, I have to go now while I'm feeling good. It's basically now or not for another two weeks.

I've been going to the community center to use the track and stationary bikes. There usually isn't very many people there (unless it's a weekend morning and there is a kid's hockey game) which is nice. In some ways it's better when people are around so I feel competitive and work harder trying to keep up with them. But it's also nice when it's just me or one other person so I can relax and don't have to make that awkward eye contact every time I meet someone going in the opposite direction. After the community center, I come home, do a few weights, stretch, and call it a day.

I've been trying to do a very modified version of the "couch to 5km" that I tried last spring. I say 'very modified' because I'm trying not to bust out my knee this time plus my body doesn't have quite as much energy as last time I tried. Plus, I have to take about two weeks off in between so I don't feel like I building up anything. Usually they start with 30 or 60 seconds jog/90 second walk and then increase slowly from there.

Today I managed to do a 30 seconds jog/3 min walk alternate for 30 minutes which was pretty exciting for me. My legs were complaining at the end but at least my knee was holding up strong. It's a slow start but at least it's something and makes me feel like cancer isn't sucking everything away from me. Hopefully I'll be able to walk tomorrow, not that I'll have much walking to do on our drive to Halifax.

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