Monday, 21 March 2016

Side effects

Ahhhh side-effects. My hands are cramping. My bones hurt. I woke up at 2am this morning with my legs on fire and they haven't stopped burning. Not literally, although it feels like it at times. The pain is making me nauseous. All in all, cycle 6 is not going as well as I would like.

We're back in Halifax for the fever watch and I did make it to the hospital for bloodwork this morning. I almost fell asleep in the chair while I was waiting for the nurse but I made it (Isaiah drove, I'm in no condition to get behind a wheel).

Now I'm basically just waiting to see whether or not I get a fever tonight while trying to stay hydrated. It's amazing how suddenly I get dehydrated when the fever hits. I've been feeding my watermelon craving which I'm hoping will help. I've had an almost consistent watermelon craving since starting chemo. I don't know if it's the sugar or juice but I can not get enough of it. I've eaten more watermelon in the past month than I have in the past few years.  After this I'll probably never want to see another one again.

I don't have much more of an update other than to complain more about how terrible I feel and how much I want to eat watermelon. Time for another tylenol and nap.

Urghhh chemo is the worst. 

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Dave said...

Yield to your cravings - watermelon is full of fibre and good fluids.