Saturday, 5 March 2016


I'm home! My white count jumped up to normal levels, the rest of my blood work was okay, and I had no more fevers so they figured I was good to go. Once leaving the hospital, I slept for the drive home and most of the evening. Apparently I was exhausted.

I'm feeling better today after all that sleep. I even made it to the walking track this morning to stretch out my legs which felt good. I think that also helped my appetite because I'm eating much better today than I have since last Tuesday. The week after chemo when all the side-effects kick in and getting fevers really does a number on my body.

Even though they said I would go home on oral antibiotics, the doctors changed their mind and I'm on IV antibiotic instead. It's not that much of a difference but it does mean spending the next six afternoons waiting around for a VON nurse. It's annoying but better than being in the hospital so I'll try not to complain too much.

No results from my CT scan yesterday. The scan itself was fine. It was a bit different in that I had a dye I had to drink the night before and morning of in addition to the dye they inject during the scan. I guess the dye that I drank shows up in the digestive tract better than the injection dye so they'll be able to see if I have any cancerous lymph nodes there.

If I don't hear from anyone about it next week, I'm going to assume good news. Happy snowy day for everyone in NS! Maybe they'll be enough to ski tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

Pedaling along at the walking track.

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