Thursday, 28 January 2016

14 months lungversary!

My 14 month lungversary was on Tuesday. Happy 14 months to me! I didn't realize that it was my 14 month until about 10pm that night so while I'm still marking the date, it's clearly not become as big of a deal. Maybe after a year it's only the 'big dates' like a year and half or every year that becomes more important.

Although to be honest, I don't think I'll ever stop marking the date even though right now I feel much less like a 'transplant patient' and more like a 'cancer patient.' I've moved into a different group, hopefully for a short period of time, and everything involving my transplant and lungs have become secondary to talk about lymphoma and chemotherapy.

It's a bit strange that something so large in my life like a double lung transplant has taken a back seat to something but I guess that's what happens when cancer gets involved. Not that the two can really be untangled as the chemotherapy messes up my antirejection medication so I'm still being monitored very, very closely by the respiratory team in Halifax.

It feels even stranger to not identify as much with the cystic fibrosis part of my health/life. I mean, it's the cause of everything that's happened but I can breathe in the cold without my lungs seizing or coughing so everything else seems quite minor. It's like having cystic fibrosis no longer has any affect on me. Even though it still does. Very much. I still have to take all the digestive enzymes and vitamins and it screws up my absorption rates of all my other medication. It's in no way gone but I guess now that everything revolves around the transplant or cancer, it doesn't seem as important.

Anyway, yay to 14 months! I can't say I had a celebration, unless a celebration nap counts.

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