Friday, 22 January 2016

The Watson Sister's Hospital Stay!

Hello! This is Amy filling in on the blog for Alley. On Tuesday, Alley had a temp of 39.5 and went to Amherst Emergency room after springhill kicked her out. She had blood cultures drawn and iv antibiotics started. She got admitted there, and has no wifi!! So that is why you have not heard from her, as she is currently in wifi withdraw. Her temp has been good ever since, but her blood cultures came back positive. She is hoping to be able to go home on Monday with home iv antibiotics. They also did a ct scan today to check on the cancer and if the chemo is working well, or if modifications need to be made.

I'm writing this from a bed at the Halifax hospital, as I am now admitted as my lung function is down and I too need iv meds. I can't let Alley have all the attention!


Ruth Boughan said...

Oh no! Not both of you! Praying you both get to go home soon.
Much love,

helen soucoup said...

Thanks Amy, I was beginning to wonder. So sorry she doesn't have wifi, that probably hurts more than the iv. You need to synchronize your hospital stays, it would be way ' more fun' to be in the same hospital....yours cause of the wifi!
Hope they let you both out real soon. Those ski hills are a waiting.
Love Helen

Dave said...

I'm glad Alley is on the cusp of getting back home again - now you hurry up and do the same!