Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Trying to fight effects of hemoglobin.

I've discovered over the past few days that its somewhat impossible to just 'push through' having low hemoglobin. In the past when I haven't been feeling well, I still try to do as much as I can as I knew that if I didn't, I would never do anything. However, I tried that tactic over the weekend and it didn't work as well as planned. 

I went on a little hike on Sunday in Wentworth area which started off well until the trail took a turn upwards. I'm not sure why I was so surprised as it was a hike to a look-off. I had to take a lot of breaks and then reached the point where I didn't think I could walk another step up the hill. My body was in full rebel mode. It was like my lungs weren't getting enough oxygen to the rest of my body and it refused to walk up any further. It wasn't the same dizziness as I had before but a general exhaustion and as though I may fall over. I felt really bad having to turn around before we actually reached the look-off but at least we got a bit of a view on the other side of the valley while walking up the hill.

Monday confirmed my suspicion that my hemoglobin had dropped lower since Thursday as I've been feeling worse. Same amount of tiredness but now with an exhaustion when I do anything cardio-related. Plus with little appetite and some dizziness. I wasn't dizzy today so I though that maybe I could force myself into feeling better with some skating.

It took about five minutes for me to get the same sensation I had while hiking. Except I felt it was more dangerous as I was on the ice. I tried slowing down but it didn't seem to help. It wasn't so much a dizziness as a 'body about to fall over' feeling. It's really hard to describe.

I called everyone this afternoon for them to fix me but the plan right now is to retest my bloodwork tomorrow and if the number is low enough, talk about another blood transfusion with an investigation as to why my hemoglobin keeps dropping. I need to drop below the critical number. I guess now I want to because then maybe they'll give me blood and I can go back to feeling better. Being in this limbo is terrible.

In other news, the haunted house/forest we went to on Sat was indeed scary and the hike was beautiful, even if it wasn't as long as hoped.

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