Friday, 30 October 2015

Back in the hospital.

I survived my bronch. And my CT scan yesterday and clinic visit. Yesterday at clinic, they informed me about new infections that required new medications. The doctor gave me a plan and I was very hopeful about going home today.

But my plans were disturbed by my having a fever all night. Isaiah kept telling me that I was burning up while I kept yelling at him to give me more blankets. In hindsight, I should've realized something was wrong. I checked my temp around 6am and indeed had a fever. Thankfully, by the time I got to the hospital around 7 am and had my stats taken, my temp had dropped a bit.

They still went through with the bronch, while doing all the prep stuff I realized that it was going to be my 7th bronch. 7! I should be a pro by now. I still panicked though. They wheeled me into the room and gave me all the gross gargle stuff and freezing mask and pumped me with sedatives. Except it took me longer than expected to pass out. After 5 minutes of them being like 'just close your eyes,' I continued to stare at them. I was afraid if I closed my eyes that they would think I was knocked out and start the procedure while I was still very conscious.

I eventually was given enough sedative to knock me out but I still woke up at some point while they were still doing the scope. I didn't panic as much as I had last time so clearly I was still pretty out of it. I remember the nurse patting my shoulder and telling me it was almost over. And then I woke up again in the recovery room. They were suppose to give me blood while I was recovering but since I had a fever, they wanted to wait until my temperature was back to normal.

I slept on and off for an hour and woke up briefly to the Dr. rambling off something to me but I was too out of it to understand anything. All I caught was that I was being admitted. Soon after that, the nurses told me that they had a bed for me which made me think I would move quickly to the floor. Turns out, having a bed doesn't mean getting into the room any faster. I hung out in the recovery room all day napping on and off while waiting for the room to be cleaned.

I finally made it up to the room around 4pm where I had to go through the annoying admittance process. For some reason, the floor resident was convinced that I came in through the emergency department despite my insistence that no, I was already scheduled to be at the hospital.

I still wasn't sure exactly sure why I was admitted but around 7pm, the doctor showed up again with infectious control doctors to go over everything. Turns out that since I had the fever and all the new infections, she thought it would be just as easy to admit me while everything got sorted out. They want to give me some IV antibiotics instead of the oral ones and this way I'll be on hand next week if the Toronto team still wants me to have a colonoscopy to figure out my low hemoglobin.

It makes sense but it's still annoying. I'm going to miss Halloween! I even carved the pumpkin and bought the candy! At least, I guess, I get to eat all the candy myself.

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