Thursday, 22 October 2015


Well, I'm not feeling any better and my hemoglobin level were about the same on Wed. I remain in the weird limbo place where the levels are low enough to make me feel horrible but not bad enough that they're ready to intervene.

Instead of more complaining  about how terrible I feel, here is my latest bowl from the Tidnish Bridge Art studio. Sadly, the studio is now closed for winter and the pottery people are heading back to the US to stay warm (and because they're only allowed here for less than 6 months). I'm hoping to find somewhere else to play with clay. The woman at the studio gave me the contact of someone else who I may be able to connect with. I remain hopeful.

Pre-kiln! I layered various glazes with whatever they had left. 
Out of the kiln! The colours turned out really well.

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I would call in "sea swirl".