Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Waiting Game: 9 months

9 months! Wow. I honestly didn't think I would be waiting this long. Although, since my whole 'why don't I have a transplant yettttt' pity party, I've reached some acceptance about my long wait. I figure that if anyone has to have a long wait, it might as well be me. I'm still enjoying Toronto and getting out to do things so if it's me versus someone who is hospitalized, I'm in a better place to have a long wait. Not that I have a real choice about my wait,  but my new philosophy is helping somewhat. 

So a quick update on the past month, there isn't too much but let's start as usual with physio.

- Physio remains the same, by this point I've seen people get listed, wait, have their transplant, and be discharged. Just a clarification from my last month update, the leg weights that I showed, are used just for leg lifts. I don't wear them while on the treadmill or anything (I was asked about that so I thought I should clarify. My legs are definitely not that strong).

My physio routine consists of: 20 minutes treadmill, 15 minutes stationary bike, stretches, arm and leg weights. I took a friend last month to physio and she said she pictured it being more gym-like. So I took a picture so everyone can get a sense of where I go three times a week. It's very much a large room with   exercise equipment. The picture below is just one side of the space although the other side looks pretty much the same. I just didn't think the people on the treadmills would enjoy having their picture taken.

Notice the two fans facing the left treadmill? That's from me being a fan-hog due to the exorbitant temperatures of the room.
- I may or may not have a heart murmur. Something came up on my last Echocardiogram that had never shown up before so the doctor didn't really believe the results. However, I'm having it re-tested this week to double check. It wouldn't surprise me if I have developed a murmur as my heart works incredibly hard to compensate for my crap lungs. My heart rate is always super high in general and it goes even higher while I'm exercising. If I do have a murmur, the doctor said it isn't anything to panic about, it's just something that the surgeon will need to be aware of during the transplant.

- We had a lot of visitors this past month which was really nice. I've posted pictures of most of our activities in past posts. I think we've managed to see all the big Toronto tourist attractions which is nice. We even managed to fit in a visit to my cousins for Canada Day where I learned that fireworks are only legal on holidays in Ontario.

The limitation on fireworks means that people really love setting them off on the few days they are allowed. It sounded like everyone in the subdivision was having their own firework show. I don't ever remember people in NB or NS ever being that excited about setting off their own fireworks. Or maybe I just hung out with the wrong people. The upside to all the noise was that their neighbour provided us with a very nice firework display without us having to leave the backyard.
How I spent most of Canada Day. Waiting for a transplant doesn't have to be all bad.

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