Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Transplant Clinic

I had a doctor appointment with the Transplant Clinic team today and much to my surprise, I was out of there in 30 minutes. It was a very pleasant surprise.

The doctor reviewed the results from the Echo and CT scan I had done in early June. The CT scan showed an increase of mucous in my lungs, particularly my left lung, since last year. The doctor recommended that I increase the frequency of my chest compressions to try to dislodge some of the buildup. It's not surprising that there is more buildup since last year considering everything that has happened in the past year.

The surprising part of the visit was that my Echo showed that I have a small murmur in my left pulmonary vein. At least I think it was the pulmonary vein, the doctor rambled off the information so fast that I didn't really catch it all. He called it something that had a really long name, I think it was cardio-something-scary-sounding-osis. However, I was told not to worry as my echos have always been normal so he thought it may be that the technician was being over cautious. He is going to check with the cardiologist to get a second opinion. I foresee a repeat Echo test in my future.

Other than the Echo and CT scan, there was nothing to talk about as once again, the doctor couldn't find any of the information from my appointments with the CF team.

For those who have asked me recently about the record wait time for a lung transplant, I tried to get the answer from the doctor but he refused to answer. Instead rambled on about how the average wait is 6 months (it's a different average from every person), and that since I'm level one, the wait can take longer (obviously). I repeated my question three times but he just kept repeating that the average wait is 6 months. He could have just said he didn't know.

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