Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I'm off on vacation! I realize that I don't need a vacation from my lack of job but not working has not taken away my love of traveling and camping. My sister and I are going to Newfoundland for 2 weeks on a search for some humpback whales and icebergs. Hopefully it won't be too cold or rainy while we are gone.

I am also excited to leave behind the ants who have taken over my bedroom the past few days. They seem to be very intent on traveling from my window to the crack around the bedroom door. According to the internet people, putting bay leaves and chili powder around is suppose to get rid of them but so far they just seem to be enjoying the obstacle course. My partner has agreed to get some actual chemical traps while I am gone and hopefully that will work. I don't remember having ants last year. Maybe because of all the rain they have decided that living in nature is not their thing.

I have also packed my knitting stuff in anticipation of having a long wait at the ferry terminals or to kill off boredom while we drive around. I printed off some toque patterns, I hope to move on from dishclothes onto something a bit more exciting.

See you in 2 weeks!

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