Friday, 28 June 2013

Fabric Art

One of the first crafty things that I did when I was put off work in March besides learning how to knit, was to do some of the projects that I had meant to get to for years.

One such project was to do something with the fabric I had lying around the apartment. Two pieces were some that my partner bought while working in the Yukon. It is hand dyed and as you can see, the blue fabric depicts Yukon tress with the Northern lights. The red fabric is meant to represent the lights in a more abstract fashion. I thought they were fabulous but never knew what to do with them. My mother also bought fabric when she visited the Yukon and had it framed which I really liked. However, these the pieces are a bit too big for me to be able to finance their framing at this time. I also couldn't bring myself to cut the pieces as they seemed to be a picture by themselves.

Another piece was some fabric that I bought in Turkey last year. It is thick material and would work well as a throw pillow but I had been too cheap at the time to buy 2 meters. So, fabric art it is!

As a cheaper alternative than framing, I bought some canvass at Micheals, grabbed my handy stapler and got to work. I basically just stretched them out over the canvas and stapled the hell out of them. It seemed to work pretty well.

Finally no longer stuck in a drawer!

Yukon fabric finally up!

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