Sunday, 30 June 2013


Another project I undertook over the past few months was to make some coasters. I don't really know why I thought this would be a fun thing to do, it sounded so easy on the blogs that I read. So for a few weeks in April, I made some coasters.

I took the fabric or paper that I was using and modpodged it to some ceramic tiles that I picked up at Kents. I made sets of 4, I'm not really sure why, it just seemed like the appropriate number of coasters. I did several layers of modpodge and then I sealed them with Enviro-tex which is a thick varnish that smells awful and takes several days to set. According to the Internet people who had tried this before, it is the only product that is both water and heat resistant. I had my trusty partner put it on for me while I stood far away giving him directions and trying to avoid the fumes. Surprisingly, he seemed to not appreciate my gentle reminders from the doorway of how he was doing it wrong and missing spots while he inhaled the toxic fumes trying to madly blow out the bubbles before it dried. I was just trying to be helpful!

The first batch turned out surprisingly well. I forgot to take pictures of all of them so you'll just have to imagine that they looked awesome. There was only one that had the Enviro-tex leak through to the paper and two of the Hawaiian prints that had some air bubbles left in them.

The second batch I made, I was much more focused on not missing any spots when I did my modpodge layers. I was super careful to put each layer on a different way. Ie - paint horizontal one day, vertical the next, diagonal the next. I allowed more time for the modpodge to dry which may have also been my mistake the first time. I also built up the edges if there was any overlay of the paper on the tile.

All in all it was a fun project that consumed a few weeks, a lot of people got some coasters out of it, and I have a mismatch batch of the less-than-perfect ones for myself.

Made with a map of Paris's center
The less-than-perfect coasters for myself
*Rotate head to the right* A set of abstract art coasters and a set of animals (plus a robot!)

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