Sunday, 9 June 2013

Its official: I have diabetes!

So, I met with my dietitian yesterday and I am officially a diabetic and am starting a very low dose of insulin on Monday. Apparently new research shows that even if a persons sugars aren't exceptionally high, a low doses of insulin can help maintain their muscle mass and increase lung function. So yay to science.

The following is the conversation I usually have when I tell people about my new diagnosis of diabetes.

(Friend) Is it common for someone with cystic fibrosis to also get diabetes?

      (Me) Yes. Due to the high rate of infection and the crazy medication we take, our
      bodies usually reach a point where they are unable to produce insulin normally.

(Friend) Well that sucks, so is it type one or type two?

     (Me) Neither, I can't just have regular diabetes, I need my own kind. It's a special CF kind. It
     is kind of a mix of the two.

(Friend) Huh. That's weird. Do you have to stop eating sugar?

     (Me) Nope! I continue to eat whatever I want and it will be controlled with insulin.
     Since I struggle to maintain my weight, I will keep eating my high fat, high protein diet but
     will now just be shooting myself with insulin on top of that.

 (Friend) Oh. Well good luck with that. Lets go get some lunch.

I'm not overly thrilled with the prospect of poking myself daily but seeing as I've gotten use to stabbing myself to check my sugars, I'm sure I will get use to this too. Millions of people have to give themselves insulin after every meal so really once a day isn't that dramatic. I just hate that there is yet another thing I need to add to my daily routine of medications. Another reminder that I am unwell and another thing to forget when I go away for the weekend. Also, it has to be given roughly the same time every morning so no more sleeping in until noon. Boooo!!!!
If you want to read more about CF-related-diabetes, you can go to the CF Foundation to read more about it with the proper scientific terminology.


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