Tuesday, 11 June 2013


One of the first things that I learned to do after being told to go off work was to learn how to knit. I got myself some needles and yarn and watched a bunch of youtube videos .

I first knit a straight line. 
Joey modelling 'Doggie Headband'
I then knit a horrendous dishcloth.

First attempt: Not so great
That was when I decided maybe I should get a lesson from an actual human being. I went with my sister to one of her friends who patiently taught us how to properly cast on, add and decrease stitches, and cast off. Funny how much easier it is to learn when someone there to answer my million annoying questions. 

I have since moved on to making dishcloths with fun patterns using 'knit/pearl' alternative rows which I have learned is called "Stockinette stitch" (yay learning!).

Elephant! Why? Because elephants are cool.
All in all, knitting has provided me with a low-key activity that I can enjoy and gives me a chance to create things and still feel like I can contribute to this world as a human being. Dishcloths for everyone!


David Watson said...

Can I have a dishcloth? I only have one right now and it doesn't have any fun designs.

Alley said...

Sure! I haven't been knitting much so it will be a good excuse. Do you have any requests for a design?