Sunday, 28 May 2017

Walk to make CF history

The Walk to make CF History was today! Thanks to everyone who donated to the cause and who came out in the cold yesterday to our yard sale in Petitcodiac. We appreciate everything that was donated and our team raised over 2500$. Yay!

Amy and I gave a little speech before the walk about having CF. We always feel that our speeches are a bit of a bummer but today especially so. I think it felt like more of a downer today because there were some kids there with CF and it was like we were telling them "You are going to go downhill. Enjoy your lung function now while you can. We are your future! Beware! P.S. Be a donor!" I mean, we don't say those words exactly and our speech is definitely more transplant-focused than perhaps someone elses would be. I guess we have to talk about their own experience and ours is at the "transplant" stage of having CF.

The only difference this year was that they set up a 5km run because they're trying to draw some new people from outside the usual families. But Isaiah and I ended up being the only ones running the 5km. Ah well. We still enjoyed it and I finished in under 40min! It wasn't quite as exhausting as the Transplant Trot but I'm still pretty tired sitting here tonight. I push myself much harder on these more official runs than I do when I'm outside on the trail by myself.

All in all, a great walk even though we didn't win any of the prizes. Oh well, there's always next year!

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