Sunday, 14 May 2017


Happy Mother's Day! We went on our annual Mother's Day hike along the Dobson trail. I say annual hike but really I haven't been on it for many, many years. It was really nice, the bugs were pretty terrible but we moved faster than them so that was fine.  Mom picked May flowers and Isaiah picked mushrooms to practice identifying with his new mushroom book. He was looking only, the mushrooms did not go into the supper's risotto.

I'm on the end of a 10 day steroid boost to try and eliminate my annoying cough. The Easter cold is still haunting me but hopefully this will fix it. My cough is getting better but I still have deep coughing fits every once in awhile. It's a fun reminder of how long I take to recover from a mild head cold and how careful I need to be around people.

The first few days of extra steroids, I couldn't focus on much but that's gotten better. I still get a boost of energy in the afternoon and am ravenously hungry most of the time. Hiking yesterday helped burn off some of that energy.

It was our first hike of the year and it felt nice to be in the woods again. Hopefully the first of many hikes to happen this summer!

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