Sunday, 7 May 2017

Cancer update: Still no cancer!

I had my one year hematology appointment and *drum roll* I'm still cancer-free! Woohoo!!!!

The doctor was fine with the lack of contrast dye on the CT scan so I don't have to go through all the stabbing until the next scan in a year. She called the lung spot from my last scan a "node" and not scarring like I had previously thought but didn't say that it had been cancerous. I assume it wasn't or else they would be doing more frequent scans. Either way, all the leftover little spots are gone and the big spot is practically gone now so that's all excellent news.

We went up to Halifax early so we could celebrate Isaiah's 34th birthday on Tuesday with a delicious sushi supper. Then we spent most of Wednesday wandering around Halifax which we usually don't have time to do. It was great.

Now that all the doctor appointments are over for another few months, Isaiah is starting the job applying/interview process which is stressful for both of us. But mostly for him. I'm trying to just be supportive by asking him a million practice interview questions. He's loving it.


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