Sunday, 4 June 2017


This week I biked to the beach for the first time this year. No, it wasn't warm enough to swim or even to wade in the water but it was nice enough to sit by a rock, read my book, and enjoy the view. It only took me a little over two hours to get there compared to last year when it took about three. It was so easy this time. Ok, easy is overstating it, it was still a 40km bike ride. But the hills didn't seem as hilly and I didn't have to take so many breaks.
A really pretty view that does not photograph well.
I knew before the bike ride that I was physically stronger than I was a year ago but it's always nice to have these reminders. It affirms that all the exercising and terrible jogging I've been doing is actually helping. Even if my lung function isn't jumping up, the rest of my body is so much healthier overall which is great for my lung health.
The river!
The beach!
Like when Isaiah and I hiked around the trails by the Wentworth hostel two weeks ago. It was a trail I tried to do two years ago when I had cancer but wasn't yet diagnosed and almost fainted. My hemoglobin was so low that I couldn't make it up to the look-off. This time, not only did I make it to the look off, I did the entire loop.

I guess it's probably obvious that I would be stronger now than when I had cancer or was still recovering from chemotherapy. But the change has been so slow and gradual that I don't always notice. It's much more obvious when I can power up a hill on my bike that last year I would've had to stop on for a break. Or hiking up a steep section of a trail and not feeling light headed and short of breath.

It feels so amazing.
Apple blossoms in Wentworth Valley
The hike was 99% trees, streams, and mosquitoes.
The 1% that was a look-off (and mosquitoes)!


LittleM said...

40 KM is wild. you should be in the great cycle challenge too. Its for kids cancer and its all of June but shamefully im not realllllly fundraising, just using it to see how many KM I can bike in a month since I got my bike May 13. I really can't fathom reaching your level.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were the only one at the beach! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Looking good! Have a good summer?