Sunday, 30 April 2017

Transplant Trot!

I finished the Transplant Trot! And I didn't even throw up at the end! I would not recommend doing a run (I say run but really I run 1 min, walk 1 min) while getting over a cold. Or I should've taken a sinus medication because my nose got very runny at the halfway mark. It was uncomfortable. I also thought I was no longer congested but *surprise!* I was.

At about 3km, I thought I was done. I decided I would wait until Mom and Dad caught up with me and then could just walk the rest of the way with them. But then I jogged one more minute and somehow I kept going. The way back was more downhill (although it was pretty much flat) with a tailwind so that did help a bit. There was a woman in a pink t-shirt that I really wanted to finish ahead of. I would pass her during my one minute run and then she would pass me when I walked. It was a fun game for both of us.

I finished in 38:30 minutes! I made my goal! Yay!

My legs were throbbing last night. It shouldn't be surprising that preparing on the treadmill and the indoor rubberized walking track did not translate well to an semi-paved outdoor trail along the river. Now I never have to exercise again! Just joking, I'll give myself a few days off and then keep going because it's too good for my lungs to be able to stop now.

Isaiah ran the 10km and didn't end up walking it all. He was feeling quite ill on Thursday and hadn't trained as much as he had planned so he didn't have a time goal in mind. He just wanted to finish. He says he'll be sticking to 5km runs in the future.

We had so much energy at the start.
Just after the turn around spot. I am not a happy jogger.
Finished! (Posed picture once I caught my breath again)
Mom and Dad power-walked the 5km.
Amy was given a medal for cheering us on.
Isaiah is done! And ignores the man handing out medals.
We're ready for a nap!

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