Friday, 12 February 2016

Home again!

I'm home! That was a very short hospital stay. They let me go yesterday but by the time I got out of the hospital, the pharmacy was closed so I had to stay in the city for the night so I could pick up my medication this morning.

My cultures were negative and my white count was rising so there was no point of me continuing on IV antibiotics. The only questionable source of infection is from my x-ray where the technician 'couldn't rule out pneumonia' in my lower lobes. However seeing as I don't have much of a cough or any pneumonia-symptoms, they are only treating that with a few days of oral antibiotics.

So while the week in Halifax was not successful in keeping away a fever, it was a short hospital visit. Tuesday was absolutely terrible. The fever chills just destroy me, I get lightheaded and have no appetite. I spent most of Tuesday staring at the wall just trying to get warm. It's amazing how I can go from having some discomfort from bone pain on Monday to being incapable of standing up on Tuesday to feeling pretty much okay on Wednesday.

I'm feeling okay now. A bit tired, which isn't surprising but my jaw and leg pain have subsided which is excellent. I'm now prepared for the two emotional days I seem to get around this time. But after I get all my emotions out, I should have a week of feeling great just in time for cycle #5. It's amazing how predictable all these side-effects are as the chemo meds work through my body.

In related news, Amy is also home today! Like me, she was discharged yesterday but we ended up being her ride home so she was stuck in the city last night. We ate pasta and watched TV as a celebration.

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helen soucoup said...

Enjoy the week! Hope you're up for skiing or something fun. That goes for Amy too...infact the whole family!